South Asian Community

The South Asian community at the George Washington University (GW) is a diverse group of students, faculty and staff that represent a variety of backgrounds and experiences under the unified goal of cultural awareness. Currently, the Asian student enrollment is 10% at the undergraduate level and 9% at the graduate level. The South Asian community is a subset of the Asian and Pacific Islander American (APIA) community at GW. APIA reflects the cultures of 49 different countries. The South and South Eastern Asian countries share a strong centralized cultural history and generally celebrate APIA Heritage Month in tandem with other Asian countries. The South Asian programs are organized by 17 student organizations that promote the traditions of South and Central Asian cultures. GW celebrates South Asian Heritage throughout the month of March. The programming showcases the rich history, culture and accomplishments of the South Asian community. The Multicultural Student Services Center provides logistical support for South Asian organizations to collaborate and promote cultural awareness.