Room and Equipment Reservations

Our humble home here at 2127 G Street has several resources that all students are welcomed and encouraged to access. We have WiFi and quiet study rooms located throughout the building that are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. If and when designated rooms are not being used by an organization for an event, students may use the space until further notice.

Students can utilize our discounted printing services as we provide copy services for $0.03 per side for black and white copies and $0.50 per side for color copies. Our printing services are free during final examinations. Students often utilize our building as a place to relax, eat meals, share meals, take power naps, meet new people from all walks of life or engage in dialogue ranging from food, music and pop culture to the current social issues of the moment.

Our building is not just reserved and utilized by the George Washington University student organizations. Numerous external and internal organizations reserve our building to hold executive board meetings, general body meetings, town hall meetings, staff trainings, study groups, panel discussions, debates, cultural presentations and even cultural cook-offs. Reservations must be at least 24 hours or more in advance and confirmed before space is guaranteed.