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APIHC Theme: Rooted In Culture, Made in the Diaspora

Join the university community in celebrating the history and cultural expression of the people of various South Asian countries including, but not limited to, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, the Republic of Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka! The 2020 South Asian Heritage Celebration (SAHC) theme, “Rooted in Culture, Made in the Diaspora”, will explore the interconnection between the past and present. Despite the challenges, the community continually incorporated their cultural values and traditions into their daily lives through clothing, music, food, dance, and art. Last year’s theme was about acceptance, and this year’s theme is taking the next step by celebrating how the current generation embraces their South Asian roots and proudly expresses their culture in their everyday lifestyles.

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SAHC Theme: Unapologetically Brown #NoFilter

SAHC Keynote: Tan France

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APIHC Theme: Brownian Motion: Diffusing the Model Minority

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APIHC Theme: Rethinking Brown