Reserve a Room

At the Multicultural Student Services Center (MSSC) we understand the importance of space for our students and their student organizations for academic and student life purposes, such as study hours, student meetings, events and workshops. The MSSC grants room reservations to individuals/groups that provide some cultural, educational or overall beneficial opportunity to the student body. Rooms may be reserved during MSSC building hours excluding university holidays where the building is closed. If you would like to reserve space outside of the MSSC operational hours, please get in contact with your community program coordinator.

To book rooms at the MSSC, fill out the room request form with detailed information regarding the request. A staff member will respond to the contact email provided in the google form letting you know the status of your request. The student or student group is responsible for any damage to MSSC facilities. The requestor is responsible for returning the facility to the normal room set up, including the removal of trash and catering remnants. The MSSC reserves the right to modify and/or deny access to its facility, without prior notification, for emergency reasons and/or non-compliance issues.

The MSSC has five rooms available for reservation.

104 - The Lounge

Located on the first floor, the Lounge is a medium-sized space that can accommodate groups up to 30 people. The room includes a TV, VCR, DVD player, large conference table with chairs and 10 folding chairs as needed. Typically used for general body meetings, study groups, events, etc., the Lounge is also ADA compliant and accessible to those with disabilities. 

201 - The Executive Conference Room

The Executive Conference Room, located on the second floor, is a medium sized meeting space with a conference style setup that can accommodate 12 people at the conference table and up to 14 additional people around the periphery.  This room is often used to hold E-Board Meetings, seminars, small classes, interactive discussions and small student organization general body board meetings.  55 inch monitor, wireless, dvd player, and pc available.

209 - The Multipurpose Room

The Multipurpose Room, located on the second floor, is our largest and most popular meeting space and can accommodate up to 60 people. The Multipurpose Room offers a combination of stackable chairs and six 8-foot tables, a large projector TV, podium and an integrated sound system, cable TV access, VCR, DVD and PC. The Multipurpose room is often used for large meetings, movie nights, classroom presentations and conferences.

304 - The Conference Room

The Conference Room, located on the third floor, is a more intimate space with a conference style setup that can accommodate groups up to 20 people. This room is often used to hold small classes, interactive discussions and student organization executive board meetings.