During the 60's, the civil rights and affirmative action movements changed the the landscape of American race relations. College students nationwide provided substancial energy behind the political, economic, and societal changes that took place. Appropriately, universities and colleges answered the challenge to open their doors and policy to provide access to education for black and other minority students. In support of the students, Multicultural Centers were developed to provide academic, social, political, and advocacy support to insure the students short and long term retention, thriving, and eventual graduation.

The George Washington University's (GW) Multicultural Student Services Center (MSSC) was founded at GW in 1968 in response to a national movement led by the implementation of the Adams Order requiring the desegregation of the public universities in 13 states. The spirit of the movement was to eliminate the present day effect of past discrimination. University support programs, resources, and facilities like the MSSC became the norm nationwide.