Gender Inclusive Housing

Gender inclusive housing (GIH) is a program offered by the university that allows students who identify as different genders or have a different biological sex to live together in one apartment or room. While this is open to all students, it provides particular utility for LGBTQIA+ student because it allows them to room with people they feel safe around, even if they’re not of the same gender or sex.


All students assigned to a GIH suite must opt-in and have a mutual roommate request. During the housing selection process, students will answer yes or no to the following lifestyle question: “I prefer to live in gender neutral housing." ONLY students who select yes will be opt-in. Students who do not opt-in or do not have a mutual roommate request will continue to be assigned to co-ed buildings by suite, but not to the same room.


While this is available to all students, there is currently not a system in place to help incoming freshman find tolerant or like-minded roommates to best utilize this system. We’re working on it, though.


For more information, visit the GW Housing.