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Past Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Celebrations

APIHC 2020 Promo

APIHC 2020 Webpage

APIHC Theme: Broadcasting Ourselves

Join the university community in celebrating the history and cultural expressions of East Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific Islands. This year’s Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Celebration (APIHC) theme “Broadcasting Ourselves” is intended to capture the growing presence and impact of Asian and Pacific Islander people and cultures in various “small screen” media, even when that representation is lacking on the “big screen”.

APIHC 2019 Promo

APIHC 2019 Webpage

APIHC Theme: Listen Up! Unheard and Untold

APIHC Keynote: Tan France

APIHC 2017 Promo

APIHC Theme: Immigrant Stories: To Be Continued...

APIHC 2016 Promo

APIHC Theme: Beyond the Horizon