At GWU, we offer an LGBT and Sexualities Minor and a Graduate Certificate in LGBT Health Policy and Practice.

Want to work in business, law, public interest, government, or social services?

LGBT and Sexualities Minor is housed in and administered by the Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Program. The minor draws on the work of a significant community of faculty working in various parts of LGBTQIA+ and Sexuality Studies scholarship. The minor offers students an opportunity to consider key social and academic issues through the critical lens of LGBTQIA+ and Sexuality theory and applied research

Want to pursue a career in healthcare?

The Graduate Certificate in LGBT Health Policy and Practice focuses on applied care. It is designed specifically for those who work on the front lines with clients and patients as well as professionals who work with policy and health care system delivery and management to administer programs that serve the physical and mental health needs of the LGBTQIA+ population.