Academic Support

The Multicultural Student Services Center (MSSC) prides itself in being a valuable resource center that is also a referral center. When we cannot help students directly, we refer them to people who can. We operate by the mantra, “if you take one step toward us, we will gladly take two steps toward you.”

We have staff members that can help students identify and capitalize on their learning style, choose a major and/or career, build rapport with their academic advisor and/or professor, manage their time more effectively, and cope with academic and personal challenges including anxiety, conflict resolution and stress management.

MSSC staff also have great relationships with staff members in other departments at the George Washington University that are equipped to assist students with numerous facets of their academic and professional development. Students can make appointments with our staff members or take advantage of their express/drop-in office hours. For more information on making appointments with staff and staff office hours, please contact MSSC at [email protected]

GW Dual Enrollment Program