Academic Support

The Multicultural Student Services Center (MSSC) prides itself in being a valuable resource center that is also a referral center. When we cannot help students directly, we refer them to people who can. We operate by the mantra, “if you take one step toward us, we will gladly take two steps toward you.”

We have staff members that can help students identify and capitalize on their learning style, choose a major and/or career, build rapport with their academic advisor and/or professor, manage their time more effectively, and cope with academic and personal challenges including anxiety, conflict resolution and stress management.

MSSC staff also have great relationships with staff members in other departments at the George Washington University that are equipped to assist students with numerous facets of their academic and professional development. Students can make appointments with our staff members or take advantage of their express/drop-in office hours. For more information on making appointments with staff and staff office hours, please contact MSSC at [email protected]

The Writing Center

The Writing Center can assist students with paper content and construction for assignments at GW. The Writing Center is a popular resource; make sure you make an appointment early and with enough time for a given assignment. The Writing Center will not help with grammar or copy-edit papers.

Summer Course Grant Initiative

We also offer an opportunity for undergraduate students to take one three-credit or four-credit course through our Summer Course Grant Initiative. Students can pick up applications at the front desk of the MSSC in early January. The application deadline is the first Friday in February. This initiative provides students the opportunity to take a course to ensure satisfactory academic progress, timely graduation or repeat a required course if necessary. The number of students who receive the grant varies from 25 - 40 depending on the budget allowed. Recipients of the grant are determined by a committee of MSSC staff members. Grant recipients are required to complete at least 40 hours of volunteer service affiliated with the MSSC as a part of their due diligence. They have until the middle of August to complete these service hours.  

For more information, contact the MSSC at [email protected]

GW Libraries

There are number of ways to communicate (email, anonymous instant message, in-person) with a GW librarian, who can guide you through the GW library system. The GW Libraries also have resources available to support student research. They are more than popular study spots on campus, they house a great deal of other helpful resources beyond books: academic journalsresearch databases, and the Writing Center.


The Multicultural Student Services Center (MSSC) has a strong partnership with the George Washington University's Tutoring Initiative. We refer students for one-on-one and/or group tutoring in a variety of subjects. We traditionally host group tutoring and drop-in tutoring sessions on Sunday evenings from 6 p.m. until 9 p.m. for those who may need assistance with Economics (micro and macro), Mathematics and Chemistry. These tutoring sessions are available for the entirety of Fall and Spring semesters. Student are welcome to drop in on Sunday evenings at the MSSC or submitting an online request.   

We also have a partnership with Smarthinking, which is an online tutoring service that students are welcome to utilize once they are assigned a username and access code. For more information on accessing Smarthinking, contact the MSSC at [email protected]

Disability Support Services

Disability Support Services (DSS) works with students to provide academic support and accommodations for students who may need them. DSS provides a number of accommodations for students including:

·       Alternative Text Materials

·       Assistive Technology

·       Classroom Accessibility

·       Housing Accessibility

·       Interpreting and Captioning Services

·       Note-taking Assistance

·       Test Proctoring Services

Office of Academic Integrity

The Office of Academic Integrity addresses instances of academic dishonesty which take place within the university community, promotes academic integrity through educational initiatives, and administers the university’s academic disciplinary procedures detailed within the “Code of Academic Integrity.”